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Marcel Rodrigues


Sustainable from Conception to Creation

Sustainability is fundamental to Marcel Rodrigues. It is at the forefront of all decisions made here, from the materials we use, to our chosen energy suppliers, to where and how our products are made. In a world dominated by fast and unsustainable fashion, we believe that transparency in our making process is essential in shifting the mindset of what sustainability in fashion really means.


Handmade in the UK

All of our products are made by hand in the UK. Our hats are individually made in our Savile Row and Cornwall shops. Our garments are made to order by our two Cornwall-based makers. Nothing here is mass-produced or made overseas.


100% Natural Materials

All materials that we use in the making of our hats are natural, not only adding to the finished quality of our products but also ensuring that at the end of their life, they will naturally biodegrade.


Repurposing Materials

Wherever possible, we utilise repurposed or end-of-line materials in the production of our garments. This prevents the fabrics from unnecessarily being taken to landfill. Blankets, cotton canvas tents, and sleeping bags are just some of the items that we repurpose into high-quality clothing.


Sustainable Energy Suppliers

We ensure that the energy suppliers that we use provide 100% renewable energy.



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