3rd JUN 2017 – ‘It’s more than core…’ Yoga workshop with Jenny Ella

This 2-hour workshop provides a fun-filled way to explore stability, strength and how to move your body with a sense of ease. It will also get you out of your head, out of all the over-thinking, and more into your body so you can enjoy each moment as it comes.

Workshop Overview:

The workshop will commence by focusing on our breathing and how this relates to our strength and stability.

We will look at how our breath, our ‘core’ muscles and our pliability are all intrinsically connected to provide an internal support system for our bodies from which we can become supremely moveable. It’s more than core! What we are really looking for, is to move in every direction with everything we’ve got. This workshop will show you how.

We will get our bodies moving and our circulation going with a yoga flow sequence, moving from our centre to find stability, strength and balance, in whatever direction we choose. When we move like this, combining breath, strength and softness, every aspect of our lives gets so much easier. We become more efficient, we get stronger faster, and our body moves with joy and ease.

We will include Sun Salutations, Lunges, plenty of Planks and Warriors, Triangles and Twists. We will find our balance in standing poses such as Half Moon, Eagle and Dancer’s pose. We’ll then take it down to the mat to include a smorsgasbord of poses to strengthen your core, counter poses to bring you back into balance, and a lovely, deep relaxation to finish.

With tips to improve your practice, you will be given the tools to find strength and support within your body, release tension, improve your body’s athletic capability and your ability to move like water through daily life.

A dynamic class, suitable for all levels from beginners to more advanced yoga students. A familiarity with Warrior poses helpful but not essential. Either way, you will be a graceful yoga warrior by the end! Students will be encouraged to work to their own level, modifying poses for their needs and building on them step by step.

Price: £20.00

To book a spot (subject to availability) please email Jenny at jennyellayoga@gmail.com or call 07891 528 474.

Venue: The Paddock Room, Hawksfield, Wadebridge www.hawksfieldcornwall.com