PINE FERODA Group Exhibition

Upcoming: PINE FERODA Group Exhibition – Showing Original Woodblock Prints / 26th MAR – 28th APR 2018

Opening Reception: 24th MAR 2018, 12 – 4PM with refreshments served and joined by the artists.

This exhibition is made up of a series of large scale woodcuts by Pine Feroda including individual prints by the four artists who make up the Pine Feroda print collective. Pine Feroda only work on large scale prints and they use the glorious coast of North Devon and it’s craggy rock formations, tumultuous seas and the play of light upon water as their inspirational subject matter.

Pine Feroda have exhibited their work widely across the UK including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Selected works can be viewed via the website:
01208 813 220 / 07931611959