6th May 2017 – Hip Opening Yoga workshop with Jenny Ella

You don’t need to be 21, supple and a size 6 to practise yoga. Nor do you have to wear tie-dye and eat kale but you can if you want to. Yoga suits any body, any shape, any life.

I’m hosting a new series of monthly yoga workshops at Hawksfield on a Saturday morning, 10.00am-12.00noon.





HIP PARADE: The Ultimate Hip-opening Party!


Is your heart heavy? Your lower back stiff? Do your knees ache?

Are you trapped in a desk job? Behind the wheel? Or slumped in the sofa night after night?

Are you a runner, a cyclist, a rower? Or a yogi in a love-hate relationship with Pigeon pose?

If the answer’s ‘yes’ to any of the above, then this one’s for you.

Open your hips and set yourself free!


Sitting for long periods can shorten your hip flexor muscles, which can affect the tilt of your pelvis leading to discomfort in the hips, the knees and the lower back. Running and cycling can also result in tight hips due to repeated use of these same muscles as you propel yourself forward. Either way, releasing the hips will help in a big way.

More than that. The body also holds emotions in tense muscles and the deep muscles of the hip are often at the heart of stuck or suppressed emotions. By releasing the muscular tension, old negative emotions can also be set free and replaced with a sense of inner strength and a renewed zest for life.

This 2-hour workhop aims to address all of the above. Providing a fun-filled way to set your mind and body free.


Price: £20.00

To book a spot (subject to availability) please email Jenny at jennyellayoga@gmail.com or call 07891 528 474.

Venue: The Paddock Room