100% Fresh Skin Care – Blao Studio

Fresh Skin Care & Supplements from Nature

Experience the 100% Fresh Skin Care Products & Food Supplements. Developed in Austria by the only fresh provider worldwide, these high tech products with artisanal quality come straight from nature and are all vegan. Curious?
Don‘t miss our product presentation and feel the pure energy of Freshness.


Join us in Circle Contemporary Gallery :


Friday 6 October, 4pm 

Saturday 7 October, 4pm

Walk-in on Sunday 8 October from 1 – 5 pm


For Friday or Saturday please RSVP  fresh@blaostudio.com


All products are free from:
Artificial Preservatives/Parabens, Animal testing, Dairy, Microplastics, Allergens, PEGs, Mineral oils, Colourings, GMOs, Aluminium, Flavourings, Synthetics, Emulsifiers and Fragrances.

Looking forward to welcoming you,
Pimm + Marcel van der Donk.